Mister Doe

Mr Doe invite us to rediscover and experience classical concepts, some lost in history, turning them into unique and exclusive envionments. Owner of an outstanding personality and insatiable curiosity, he shares his memories, materializing them into design pieces.

Mr Doe became respected and admired, captivating us his very own intimate perspective about the issues he addresses.

His ambicion is the piecescan touch the soul of people, they are created through deep breaths into elements of soul, strength and history. Each piece is unique, singular, and above all … with a lot of meaning.


In his first adventure, he presents us with a very importante issue of the history of Europe in the Modern Age, the Portuguese Monarchy. Thus from his early sketches, the Dynasty collection was born.

Now just let your imagination flow and feel that each piece is more than a name, is more than a striking moment, they was thought to detail, inspired by true story of figures who built Portugal. And if each piece tells a story, also reflected in all material … imagine the power and meaning that each has.

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